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With de basic in architecture,eezat,22 has jump into photography and graphic design field.The 'Malaysian Gold Hand Winner in Graphic Design' also love to travel around de world to complete his portfolio on photography using their D200/D40.Yeah!Eezat is still learn de skill from experience and love what he is doing rite now.The artlover has working in arch.firm and advertising agency almost 2 year and have a lot experience in art & arch. field. Currently,he continues his studying on Architecture at USM, Penang and hope become great architect in Malaysia or even in de world one day.insyaallah. cewah.

Saturday, December 6, 2008


Oh yep!
lupe plak.sbnarnye aku ade fotopages n flickrs.lame dah buat but lame jgak x update.
hehehe.but aku bru je update smalam with new entry.
beza nyer kalo dkat blog ni mybe aku x upload bnyak gamba but
kat fotopages mybe bnyak kot(soon).Nnt aku upload lg bnyak gamba.(kalo rajin)hehe.
So kalo rajin singgah2 r kat sini.
Just click je pic atas ni or de title 'Fotopages' kat atas ni.
x pun copyclick je link ni.

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