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With de basic in architecture,eezat,22 has jump into photography and graphic design field.The 'Malaysian Gold Hand Winner in Graphic Design' also love to travel around de world to complete his portfolio on photography using their D200/D40.Yeah!Eezat is still learn de skill from experience and love what he is doing rite now.The artlover has working in arch.firm and advertising agency almost 2 year and have a lot experience in art & arch. field. Currently,he continues his studying on Architecture at USM, Penang and hope become great architect in Malaysia or even in de world one day.insyaallah. cewah.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Harap Maklong

Harini baru dftar sbject on9.Lpas 2 mcam2 da jadi kat cni.
Adoi.Mcm mne nak tempoh lg 5 bulan kat cni.
Oh yep.Skarang sayep amat bz.Bz gler babeng,
Project studio da start.Asgmnt pon mcm nak start jgak.
Sory x smpat update blog.
But singgah2 le fotopages.
Ade entry baru kot.
Harap maklong.

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